Gentle Shawl well worth a go for men

Huge enough for a hair wrap! I’ve sought out these large silk scarves locally without luck,so I was stoked to find these finally! I am using these for about 3 months right now,and put them through a LOT- including the washing machine and dryer- & they still look new!

Great scarfs for a great price! I was worried about the standard of the scarfs given the purchase price and other evaluations left on here,but the scarfs found its way to great shape.Perfect for those with curly/kinky hair seeking to lessen frizz,retain wetness,and hair pattern during sleep at night.These are cute to wear generally inside or out also.

The prints are just beautiful and I was pleasantly surprised by how wonderful the quality is.They’re big,yet the fabric is quite light,making them versatile.So you could use these as a wrap or shawl.I prefer to put them on as scarves,personally.Because of how large they are,folding them over produces a really awesome,warm scarf.These got me through some icy winter season winds actually.As far as washing them runs,I just toss them in my own washer on delicate and hang dry out them.10/10 Would most definitely purchase again.?

A beautiful scarf.I was pleased at so on and the width fits ideal looped loosely around my neck.Very elegant with a informal dress or with a blouse and jeans. The colors and print are more vivid personally then your picture depicks.I’m pleased with this scarf.

That is a soft cotton scarf.It is very delicate-looking and holds well when worn on the head.One side is usually a dark grey and the other side is a soft pink.The pink is only at the ultimate end of 1 side.The dimensions of the scarf are 68×34.It really is a good size really,on the bigger side but doesn’t bulk up since it is a good light fabric.It is a really good size,on the larger side but doesn’t bulk due to the soft fabric.This fabric is ideal for the spring and summer time.

It is warm,soft and cozy rather than itchy- just what I wanted! When I purchased it,the explanation indicated it had been a blanked scarf but I see that has now been changed. I would comment that despite the fact that quite large and heavy,it’s not really a blanket scarf since it’s much more of a rectangle and not a square.Overall great purchase! I wish they had some colours without patterns.I’d definitely buy more!

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Lightweight Shawl wholesale for kid too

I cut the tag out so I wouldn’t have to deal with it showing up even though I’m wearing it.It’s really soft and solid which I absolutely love.It appears to look a little darker when I wear it but that’s because I am wearing darker colors while on this website it’s on a pure white background.

The colors are true as pictured.It is very soft,flowy,and a an ideal amount of sheer just.It is a lightweight fabric.Not heavy or dense.Light to use all day inside or outdoors.The pattern is beautiful.It is a nice mix of a soft grey,blended with a creamy pink,and coupled with a gentle grey flower design.The color pattern (3 beautifully combines colors/pattern) mixture is fabulous.I wear it with skinny jeans and with work attire.It can dress up any outfit.

I won’t need it very much until next wintertime! It’s thick,cozy and super warm. It does fit pretty around the throat snug, a ring rather than a droop when doubled over. I may order some in other colors right just because the price is so good now.The khaki is just a little darker than it looks in the picture,more of an ecru than ivory but looks great.Nice product.

The azure blues,mint greens and lavenders are beautiful through this cherry blossoms and birds print scarf-I get yourself a feel of Japan in the Springtime! I wear it with any of the blues and greens with dressey and informal chic. A sky is experienced by me blue, Surf and sun hat that looks fantastic with sunglasses,wedge sandals and an antique straw purse.This soft scarf will never be left unworn in your wardrobe!

Great quality and beautiful design.I love that it can be utilized as a display or a scar and it’s really thick material helps it be perfect for cold weather.It’s fashionable and beautiful.I recommend a scarf it’ll produce the perfect addition to your wardrobe!

A beautiful scarf – the color is lovely and perfect for fall. And the texture is flawlessly soft and cozy. It was worn by me as a shawl at my wedding,and it was an ideal accent to draw out the color in my cheeks.And keep carefully the white dress from washing me out.It matches the burgundy shoes I had perfectly,and was a standard lovely scarf.Great price,warm,and soft incredibly.

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High Quality Shawl to save money because of this month

Beautiful and very lightweight.Colors are extremely near to the picture.Coral color is definitely a little muted in the real material,but it doesn’t hurt the beauty of it.It complements virtually any outfit.Many compliments so far.Ideal size and I recommend.

It had been a funny coincidence because this item was had by me on my Wishlist. I LOVED the cream one so much I purchased the same one in black.This is a lovely scarf.It’s the perfect lenghth to wrap twice around your throat and not feel just like you’re getting strangled.:-) Very cozy and flattering! May have to purchase more in various other colors!

Beautiful scarf! Soft and warm,which is perfect.I bought two in various colors and I’m pleased I did so! The khaki twist can be a bit darker than the photo shows,but that’s probably because computers show image colors slightly differently.Beautiful still. Would definitely purchase more.

It is warm,soft and cozy rather than itchy- precisely what I wanted! When I purchased it,it had been indicated by the description was a blanked scarf but I see which has now been changed. I would comment that though quite large and thick even,it’s not really a blanket scarf since it’s much more of a rectangle rather than a square.Overall great purchase! I wish that they had some shades without patterns.I would buy more definitely!

Looking forward to my next night game in a full week and if it is cool i’ll bring this! It had been 35 degrees that night btw.The colour is spot on true red! Will be buying other shades if they’re had by them up coming year! Looking forward to putting on this next winter!

The scarf is quite soft.You really can feel the standard of the 100% pashmina material.The scarf looks great and is perfect for colder weather.It is quite well made; there are zero unfinished edges. This scarf is loved by me and am very happy with my purchase.

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