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It’s actually a tad larger than I thought it will be but I’m okay with that. The handle is long more than enough to overcome your shoulder without it getting in your armpit, that is clearly a plus for me personally and there are several pockets, one becoming quite large and right in the middle (which personally I possibly could perform without but it isn’t terrible) of 2 large compartments.

My husband wears my older child on his back, so no one is available to wear a backpack.Yesterday and found my favorite feature – passports we went to Paris, 4 in my own case, will easily fit into the front square pocket, of taking up precious inside bag space instead.My day to day items in this bag are: diaper and wipes, keys, cash (Euro in one pocket, US in another – I want both), pens, tide to go, iPhone 6s, water bottle, a few child thing (snacks/toys).

Now I place my wallet and sunglasses in the largest compartment, my mini iPad in the centre one, and coupons and other miscellaneous stuff in the smallest compartment. I put my keys and mobile phone in the trunk pocket. The keys are therefore much easier to take out right now instead of attempting to dig it out from the bottom of my outdated purse.

Off first, the material is so soft and supple! . The straps aren’t optional. The zippers are extremely smooth in procedure and the the pulls are huge enough for me to grip comfortably. I’ve chronic problems with my fingers, so this is a large deal for me, but it addittionally protects your nails.. The color is a traffice light green. It’s the very first thing people notice about any of it. I have had problems in the past with dye transfer on my clothing, but I wore white slacks with this and acquired no problems at all.

It is hands down one of the best I’ve ever owned, and I would recommend it to anyone. Especially for such an affordable price. I’ve been using it for approximately three months now, and it looks as good as the day it arrived. The only complaint I have is that it’s wished by me were a little more structured. Without something similar to my iPad inside, it’ll just slouch down, which can occasionally make it harder to discover things inside. That one complaint, however, will not detract for my general love of this purse! If you are looking for a well made, stylish bag, with lots of sections, and size,

I also love the cross shoulder element and that you can adjust the length of the strap drastically so you can use it pretty much however you may want. I can’t say enough concerning this purse! It offers so many options with regards to carrying it. I do suggest maybe getting a little purse organizer to put inside (there are some pockets but things will get jostled around easily).

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