Shiny Scarves for all seasons

Just as described. It actually has a huge pictures of birds and blossoms of being a small repetitive pattern instead.Very beautiful,not as well short and not too long.You can wrap it around your neck at same length as doubled infinity scarf.Very soft and ideal for days that are not too hot and not too cold. Depending on how you wear it,it can expose the pink blossoms,the blue birds,the solid gray,or all three! I love it just.

Great looking scarf. Very warm and soft. Would definitely recommend!UPDATE: just got back from a week in Europe where it had been very chilly.This scarf was so warm and soft, literally saved me through the trip.I love the versatility of wearing it as a scarf with my layer or using it as a shawl when in restaurants.I will be buying more!

It feels warm and soft. It looks very cute also.The only issue is that the colors aren’t as bright as they look.The red isn’t as bright,nonetheless it was probably just the light in the picture that made it look different.Overall,it’s an excellent product and I utilize it daily.

The pictures of this Navy seem a bit more Royal Blue.It is a true Dark DARK BLUE! The Khaki is also a little deeper in reality.I adore these scarves! Packaging is quite nice as well.They are very well-crafted.No loose strings,and if a bit tight around your neck,they do and can stretch a little after a few wears.They are very NOT and soft itchy! I shall order more!

I would strongly recommend this crochet edition where you can either put on the ribbed or crochet design in leading and alternate it to make it appear to be two different scarves as half of this scarf is ribbed (the straight vertical lines) and half of it is a crochet looking design.

Amazing quality! Solid,great material,I was really impressed by the look and feel of the scarf after wearing it for some time.I wore this to Crimson Sox night game opening week.Game went 12 innings scoreless and We am so happy We had this scarf to pull out in the 7th inning.It is warm and nice.

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