The explanation of the Watches posted was very accurate

I mean, I could see it with my shades on in the car clearly.Most of my digital watches trigger me to lift my tones for a good read.W800H–1AV is that view that causes you to smirk if someone gives it while a present (cheap b#$%#^!).However when you look 6-7 years which thing continues to be going strong later, you say, this is one of the best gifts I’ve ever received!

This is a great watch for police, security, or fire/EMS workers.It includes a nice sized display, but the watch does not dwarf your wrist or appearance too clunky.Offers hours, seconds and minutes, in addition to displays the time with year, month and day.Backlight button is simple to get to and illuminates very well in complete darkness or when there are emergency lights present.

The digits are extremely clear and simple to read but not annoying numbers. It appears professional and feminine and the same time. Shows enough time and date, illuminates the complete screen, includes a choro and an alarm.That’s all you shall ever want from a watch.Yeah I’d like to have the solar battery and atomic time sync functions like everybody else but is it worth paying another $100 bucks? I don’t think so.Slap this on your own wrist and you are good to go.

The electroluminescent display backlight is adequate — certainly better than the Casios from the early 90s, however, not quite as uniform as Timex’s Indiglo feature.Automatic backlighting would have been nice also, but isn’t to be likely at a $13 price point.Put to that the fact that it’s accurate enough you merely need to reset it when daylight savings comes in and out, and you may put this on your own wrist and forget it just.

The watch match my expectations.First of all it’a big that true way I don’t need to focus a lot about the screen to learn the time.Secondly, the watch has the very good watch band.Many of the watches didn’t adjust well in my wrist maybe because I have a small wrist.I tried tests it under water since it says it resist for 50 minutes and it did well.So, I like the product.

Looking for several features and reading review articles, which takes more time than one would like to calculate.If you would like watches with great features there are millions. If a wrist watch is wished by you that somebody with low vision and/or memory complications/dementia can read, not so many.It’s sad when you get right down to it, but I expect it’s because those not needing exotic interfaces simply use their mobile phone to check the time.

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