The Purple Ladies handbag That Rules Them All

It’s real leather, didn’t smell horrible want many people had said smelled want new leather sneakers. Has so very much space, a pocket for my tablet, a pocket for my phone,middle zip and part zip pockets and substantially more space. I’ve fit 3 large magazines, a tablet, mobile phone, wallet, mackup bag, vitamin bottle, chargers,a sandwhich tupperware container and a set of slippers and still had space to spare. and I possibly could zip it closed.

It is genuine leather and there is no chemical smell what thus ever. It is very big! You can shove everything in it I’m sure. The only problem (not just a problem) is that I ordered the wine color. It can be a beautiful color but I’m considering I’ll want to use it throughout the spring and really should have picked a more versatile color. The wine is perfect for fall, but it’s 90′ within L.A. In Feb. and I’m wearing brighter colors already. I’ll return and purchase the Sorrel. I’m just sad I’ll have to wait a bit longer.

I feel the color is a tad bit lighter than the online picture just, but it doesn’t bother me. The size is ideal for my wallet, phone and keys with room for other things that I throw within as well. The zipper pocket in leading is a functioning pocket, there’s a large zipper pocket inside, a smaller pocket that doesn’t zip and the purse itself zips totally close.

I showed it to my mother and she ended up ordering a couple as well. I agree that the lining inside doesn’t feel like an expensive purse, but it’s not an expensive purse therefore i didn’t expect a lot. I believe it’s a great product for the price! I absolutely like the fact that I can carry it on my shoulder quickly due to the length of the shoulder straps (it’s not like a lot of others you need to struggle a little being that the straps are on the brief side).

It includes a cross body strap that’s adjustable. I love that the shoulder straps are just long enough that my hand to elbow can suit through it very easily when I place it on my shoulder. The handbag is soft and will be slouchy when put down depending what you possess in it but this hasn’t bothered me at all.

The strap is very long enough that I could wear it as a cross body and it hits just underneath my hip, which is what I wanted. I was concerned about being able to suit everything I required after reading reviews, but it is perfect! I can bring a paper back again, sunglasses, my phone, makeup, my snack foods and wallet without it getting overstuffed!

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