The rarest Eyeglasses for women are extremely good for staying outdoors long hours.

He has a big bald round mind, and usually eyeglasses are too little or don’t look good on him. The suit is wonderful on him and he appears good with them. He must like them a total lot, he’s had them for over per month and he hasn’t lost them yet. If there is anything wrong with them, some thing, I would possess gotten an earful already. For $25, it was a good purchase.

It’s 2018, and you don’t need to spend a huge amount of money to get great quality sunglasses. They are great , they’re sturdy and the lenses do what they must do. I acquired these to make use of as a backup pair so I haven’t worn them very much, but I am very satisfied with this purchase

I like seeing the world in a nice blue rather than gray, green, or brown that are the usual other options. These lenses aren’t true blue lenses but gray lenses with a blue mirror coating externally. Overall I rate these sunglasses as a 5 and a fantastic value. Just beware that if you’re buying the blue lenses you are not going to get accurate blue lenses but blue mirror covered gray lenses.

I expected to appear to be Brad Pitt and wound looking like Crazy Al Yankavich up. My poor in choosing the design for my face shape. Other than that, they are great. Appear and packaged like $200 glasses. Hard shell snap case with smooth carry bag inside, smooth cleaning cloth, two size screwdriver for pad (and arm I think) adjustments plus HD spring clamp for case. Arrived promptly as advised by their email notification.

Not merely do they look nice, they also perform extremely well. Of training course, blocking out most light so you’re not needing to constantly squint at everything, they also stay extremely snug on your face so you are not having to constantly drive them back up to allow them to work. Might I also mention, there’s almost no glare?! I recommend these for anyone searching for a new pair of stylish shades ?

Not merely has Duco designed these #8177 sunglasses to be comfortable and at the proper curvature to be comfortable, but they are the right elevation top to bottom, so they aren’t touching my cheeks and picking up skin oils. I was so pleased with my first pair of Duco #8177 sunglasses, that I’ve bought 3 more pair in various lens colors.

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